Webinar: Rethinking Branding

How to optimize your marketing budget between branding and performance

Join our COO and Head of Data Science to learn more about how to leverage the interaction effect between branding and performance campaigns! A strong trend we’ve observed in previous years has been the shift of marketing budget towards easily measurable online performance campaigns. The success of your performance campaigns, however, depends on your brand awareness and consideration. A more recent trend is developing, in which advertisers recognize the value of a strong brand and are shifting budgets back towards branding campaigns, often through difficult-to-measure offline channels.

We specialize in measuring this effect and during this webinar, our COO and Head of Data Science will answer the following three questions:

1. What was the effect of my branding campaigns on sales over the past year(s)?

2. How do I split my marketing budget across branding and sales campaigns?

3. To which media channels should I allocate my branding budget?

Inspired and ready to take your branding measurement to the next level? Read our white paper on creating a proxy metric for brand consideration here.