Walled Gardens

Walled Garden? Use statistics to break through the walls!

In the world of online marketing, bringing all the data you can collect about your customers into a single platform is often seen as the holy grail. There are online giants (like Google and Facebook) who claim to have the appropriate solution to help you achieve this. But whether you’re using Google’s DoubleClick or Facebook’s Atlas, it’s often more difficult in practice to get all your customers’ data in either solution.

Yes, Google Analytics can measure incoming website visitors from Facebook. However, tracking impressions in Facebook using Google tools is not always possible. For example, Facebook doesn’t (currently) allow you to measure impressions using Google’s floodlight tag. Similarly, it is difficult to track views within YouTube using a tracking solution. This can lead to a misrepresentation of your customer journey and result in a sub-optimal budget allocation.

Determining the effectiveness of your media channels is key to make the right marketing decisions. You may be interested in using Multi-Touch Attribution models to assign your revenues to different touchpoints within your customer journey, depending on their effectiveness. But doing this when you have incomplete data will result in a poor strategy.

Luckily, there’s a solution to this problem. At Objective Partners, we have developed a mathematical model to determine the value of touchpoints that are not directly linked to a conversion path. This method we use, called the Benchmark model, is used regularly to determine the value of TV and Radio campaigns. Using this model, we can also unlock data from Facebook and YouTube campaigns to determine their value. Large advertisers are already using this model and gaining promising results.

Are you looking for a way to unlock data from Walled Gardens? Send us a message and we’ll tell you more about our approach!

Sven Meijer

Sven Meijer

Lead Business Development