To be relevant in the travel industry nowadays, you need to be present both on and offline. This means you need a unified marketing strategy that makes use of different channels, from TV to display advertising and SEA.

But with changing demand between high and low seasons and all kinds of disruptions affecting the market, it’s hard to predict what your optimal spend should be. If you’re often asking yourself what the best media investment strategy is to achieve your KPIs, it may be time to consider a new toolset.

“Understand the effect of your campaigns across all channels to make better decisions.”

O/P has been working with clients in the travel industry for years. Our holistic and mature solutions can be modified to fit your specific needs. Work with us to analyze Multi Touch Attribution (MTA) across channels and forecast the most effective strategy to spend your media budget.



With this tool, you can forecast media campaigns and develop a media plan for the upcoming year. The calendar plan provides insight into the most effective and efficient period to start your campaigns. External factors such as competitor activities, seasons and media purchasing price differences are all accounted for in this solution.


In travel, conversions are not everything. Sometimes, selling products with a higher margin is more relevant. Our solution allows you to steer investment decisions according to conversions, margins or revenue.

Take your travel business to new heights with our software.


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