The telecom industry has increasingly transformed into to a commodity industry over the last few years. As the lines between companies continue to blur, have you identified what makes you competitive in this changing market? Having an optimal and effective marketing strategy can make the difference. Outperforming on media strategies is key to attract new clients.

“In the telecom industry, it is essential to develop the most effective and efficient media strategy and determine the impact of competitors’ actions on your media investments.”

The performance of your media campaign is influenced by many different factors. All of these factors need to be taken into account when defining a media strategy, but it’s nearly impossible to perform these calculations by hand. Your team needs the right software to do it. Our Marketing Optimization software delivers the insights you need to increase the effectiveness of your media strategy. We take care of the math so your team can focus on saving money, increasing revenues and building your competitive advantage.



According to Gartner’s “Market Guide for Attribution and Marketing Mix Modeling,” marketers expect to make most of their decisions based on analytical insights as of this year. Is your team ready to extract insights from your data? These insights can tell you how much you need to invest in different media channels to achieve your conversion targets. Work with us to find the optimal marketing mix and start embracing the future.


To help you track offline media, Objective Partners developed a module and a smart dashboard that helps you visualize the effect of offline media campaigns and get actionable insights with prediction figures for the upcoming week or month. Our software also accounts for external factors and your specific business characteristics. Using historical data and specific KPIs, you’ll be able to determine how to spend your budget in different media channels – from time slots to specific TV and radio networks.

A 12-month calendar plan to estimate the best months or weeks for an offline campaign is included. This enables you to monitor the effect of competitor campaigns on your sales and evaluate pricing differences for media during the year.


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