The retail industry is extremely diverse and competitive. Empowered consumers swiftly navigate between online and offline channels and have plenty of choice. To have an effective media strategy, you need to take external events into account and make sure your plan is aligned with your business targets.

“When you understand the effect of your campaign or channels, you can make better decisions.”

O/P has been working with clients in the retail industry for years. Our holistic and mature solution has modules for the retail industry which can be further modified to fit your specific needs. You can analyze Multi Touch Attribution (MTA) across all your channels (offline and online) and forecast the most effective media investment strategy in a few clicks.



Our unified model links data from online and offline media to trace the source of conversions. This offers you insight into:

  • The effect of online media on online sales
  • The effect of online media on offline sales
  • The effect of offline media on online sales
  • The effect of offline media on offline sales

As Forester states in a recent marketing measurement report, “Current marketing organizational structures that isolate “traditional” and “digital” marketing as separate disciplines disregard the reality that all marketing contributes to a consumer’s purchase decision.” A unified approach is the way forward. Work with us to get a complete and transparent view of the effect of your campaigns, across channels, on total sales.


Having a unified view of your marketing activities gets you closer to an effective strategy, but the right KPI framework is just as crucial. We help you define a framework that includes your business characteristics and suits your company strategy. Using our tool, you can monitor the cooperation between your different media partners to improve efficiency.


measuring offline effect tv radio

Myth Busters: measuring the effect of TV and radio commercials

Many advertisers struggle to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their TV and radio commercials. Objective Partners collaborated with Screenforce and RAB and conducted research into the effectiveness of TV and radio commercials of 13 large advertisers.
ten steps to implementing multi-touch attribution

Implementing Multi-Touch Attribution in 10 Steps

Multi-Touch Attribution: many organizations talk about it, but only a few are actually implementing it.  Let’s start by defining Attribution. Attribution is the process through which you allocate budget from your revenues to the marketing touchpoint(s) a customer was exposed to before making a purchase. Multi-Touch Attribution uses mathematical models to help you spread your budget optimally across these different touchpoints. This 10 step roadmap will show you how to start using Multi-Touch Attribution to reach your business objectives, without using too many complicated tools and techniques.