Objective Partners can now add PVH Europe to their growing client base

PVH Europe is part of one of the largest global apparel companies and owner of the Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein brands.

After a successful six-month pilot period, both parties agreed to continue their strategic partnership. Objective Partners will assist PVH Europe in developing an in-depth understanding of their customer journeys. Various mathematical models like Multi-Touch Attribution and Media Mix Modelling will be incorporated in the software solution Objective Platform to optimize their client’s marketing decisions. Using these insights, PVH Europe can define the most effective approach to maximizing their marketing ROI.

“We are very excited to expand the scope of our services for PVH Europe. It is a great fit for our company’s DNA: we are both eager to use data and math to optimize the effectiveness of marketing activities.”

Sven Meijer, Objective Partner

mbo solution for pvh

What is MBO?

Objective Partners’ Media Budget Optimization (MBO) Solution is a marketing measurement and prediction tool to track and optimize multi-channel media investments. MBO provides direct and real-time actionable insights into online and offline marketing campaigns.

Sven Meijer

Sven Meijer