Objective Media Plan 2018

Are you preparing your media plan for the upcoming year and are you calculating how to invest your media? For sure, you want to achieve your business targets again. But how do you need to distribute your media over the different channels?

For all of the above questions and challenges Objective Partners created the solution: Objective Media Plan. Together with you we create insights about:

  • How much media budget you need to spend to achieve your business targets in 2018.
  • How to invest your media over your different media channels in 2018.
  • Discuss the media plan for 2018 based on a fact based and data driven analysis.

With this one-time report created by Objective Partners you are able to kick off 2018  with a head start.

How does it work?

The process of generating this one-time report consists of three steps; collecting data, running attribution models and predicting different scenarios for your 2018 media plan.

1. Collecting data

First, we collect the required historical data. Together with you we make sure that these datasets are complete and in the right format. For this one-time analysis we need:

  • Engagement data (Google Analytics, DMP, Relay42, etc.).
  • Cost data (AdWords, Affiliates, Display etc.).

Data quality is important to create a trustworthy scenario analysis. Therefore, the data is automatically monitored and checked on quality. Any inaccuracies in the data are taken out of the analysis. If needed, we are able to remap the data to avoid mistakes.

2. Identify customer journeys (attribution models)

In the second step we create insights about the added value of each channel (online and offline) and touch point in the customer journey. We estimate the value of each touch point, from online and offline media, in the customer journey. Therefore we analyse the succeed (conversions)  and unsuccessful  journeys.

External factors that possibly effect the customer journey and conversions are taken into account (weather, salary week, hour etc.). Together with you we decide on the most important factors of influence.

Eventually, we have the effect of each marketing channel. You will receive these insights as background information in the Objective Media Plan report.

3. Predicting budget scenarios

When we have an understanding of the customer journeys and the ‘real’ added value of each channel, we are able to determine the budget elasticity of the media investment per channel. This is needed to predict the added value of each marketing channel for every given media budget.

Based on the budget elasticity per channel we are able to predict different budget scenarios for 2018. Depending on the available data, we give you 3 different budget scenarios. Possible scenarios are for example:

  • The optimal budget scenario to maximize your revenue based on your media budget 2018.
  • The optimal budget scenario to achieve the maximum amount of conversions based on your media budget 2018.
  • Budget scenario to realize your revenue target, while spending a minimum amount of your budget.


Objective Partners supports you in making your media plan. We do so together with you and possibly your media agency.

Based on data we first give you insights about the attributed values in the customer journey (online and offline) and the budget elasticity of your media investments.

You receive 3 different budget scenarios for 2018

Once more we want to emphasize that during this project you are in touch with an account manager and business consultant of Objective Partners. The insights and scenarios you receive are ready to use and will provide you with opportunities to optimize your ROI and revenue. Is it possible to earn more if you invest more? Or can you invest less and earn the same amount or more? We will find the answers.

Do you want to know more?

Do you want more information about this new service? Get in touch with us today, by mail (sven.meijer@objectivepartners.com) or give us a call (+31 6111010932).

Sven Meijer

Sven Meijer

Lead Business Development