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objective network delivering transparency

The Objective Network

The Objective Network is a strategic, joint agile approach with partners who share our goal of delivering transparency to the media domain.
fact-based marketing O/P

Fact-Based Marketing

Fact-based marketing masterclass: the laws of consumer behavior, the elements of effective campaigns and practical lessons to apply what you've learned.
strategic positioning

Setting up a Winning Media Strategy

Media strategy Roundtable Event: learn more about determining your strategic position and get a kickstart to differentiating yourself from the competition!
optimize advertising spend

Find out which “half” of your advertising spend is wasted

It's time to stop wasting your advertising spend on saturated channels and determine its exact effect using an analytics solution.

Objective Breakfast: How to Turn Branding Into a Performance Channel

Watch this recap of our Objective Breakfast on branding! During this productive breakfast session, we introduced our new brand consideration model and attendees learned to steer their branding campaigns more objectively and more successfully.

The Key to a Successful Media Mix Model

Media mix modelling allows you to measure the effect of your offline television and radio campaigns. This blog will discuss when to use the media mix model, how to set up a good media mix model and how to combine the results with those of the MTA model.