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Webinar: Factors of Influence

What are factors of influence and how do we incorporate them in attribution models? And what is the difference between internal and external factors?

The Impact of Facebook Advertising

Did you know half of the impact of your Facebook advertising can go unnoticed when not using the proper measurement techniques?

Aligning KPIs with Business Objectives

Aligning KPIs with business objectives. KPIs are an important to tracking performance, but only if you monitor the right KPI.

Webinar: Data-Driven Media Optimization

What is data-driven media optimization, do you need attribution models to optimize your investments and how often can you optimize?
Unified Attribution Modelling

Unified Attribution Modelling

Consumers are both online & offline and marketing happens online & offline. So we carry out unified attribution modelling by combining MTA & MMM.

Balancing branding and performance campaigns

Combining branding and performance allows for a holistic view of media effectiveness as well as the synchronization of short- and long-term results