Implementing Multi-Touch Attribution in 10 Steps

Multi-touch attribution: many organizations talk about it, but only a few are actually implementing it.  Let’s start by defining attribution: the process through which you allocate budget from your revenue to the marketing touchpoint(s) a customer was exposed to before making a purchase. Multi-touch attribution has many advantages over other attribution models, such as the last-click model, and will give you a more accurate understanding of the role media channels play in your customer journeys.

This method is based on mathematical modelling, and helps allocate your budget across different touchpoints and media channels in the customer journey more efficiently, improving the return on investment.

Ten simple steps to a higher return on media investment

This ten-step roadmap will show you how to start using multi-touch attribution to reach your business objectives, without using too many complicated tools and techniques.

Sven Meijer

Sven Meijer