Fact-Based Marketing

People often make choices based on their gut feeling. There is a lot of awareness of data-driven marketing, but its potential to drive growth is not being realized. Currently, it is possible to collect huge amounts of data to track and analyze marketing activities.

Rindert de Lange, marketing and communication strategist at Fulcrum.Works, has years of experience in brand management and became uncomfortable with the amount of decisions made purely by feel in marketing departments. In his experience, marketers were doing too little to figure out why some forms of communication were effective and others were not. He recognized the value of basing decisions on data and became specialized in helping companies in the transition to fact-based marketing:

It is important to understand that every campaign is subject to changing context and varying external factors. Monitoring campaigns, collecting and analyzing data and building data-driven campaigns helps marketers improve the way they steer their KPIs.


During a breakfast masterclass, Rindert will discuss the laws of consumer behavior and the elements that make up effective campaigns. He will then give several real-life examples and practical lessons to help you start guiding your marketing decisions using data. This masterclass will challenge what you know and completely change the way you look at your marketing activities.

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Objective Breakfast: Roundtable – Fact-Based Marketing

When: 17 October 2018, 8:30-11:30

Where: Kabelweg 57, 1014 BA Amsterdam


Rindert de Lange

Rindert de Lange

Marketing and Communication Strategist at Fulcrum.Works

Language: Dutch

Maximum spots available: 15

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