Marketing is an important tool for energy companies. Your brand needs to inspire trust in consumers and stay top of mind. A media strategy that outperforms competitors can make the difference to gain new customers and increase loyalty.

Pricing is another important aspect within the energy market. Political and economic circumstances can have a profound impact on your pricing strategy. Our software enables you to look at your media investment and pricing strategies in a holistic way and offers recommendations to help you plan the best course of action.

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Knowing the results of your last media campaign is interesting and can help you gain more insight into different customer journeys. Real time, actionable insights are even more valuable. These insights tell you how much you need to invest in your different media channels to accomplish your conversion targets.


Our pricing dashboard gives you the opportunity to constantly monitor your pricing position against competitors. This enables you to move quickly when prices change and adjust your media strategy directly. Our solution also helps you understand the effect of your pricing strategy when compared to competitors. For instance, we’ve learned that being the cheapest does not always translate into more sales. 


Implementing Multi-Touch Attribution in 10 Steps

Multi-Touch Attribution: many organizations talk about it, but only a few are actually implementing it.  Let’s start by defining Attribution. Attribution is the process through which you allocate budget from your revenues to the marketing touchpoint(s) a customer was exposed to before making a purchase....