Marketing is an important tool for energy companies. Your brand needs to inspire trust in consumers and stay top of mind. A media strategy that outperforms competitors can make the difference to gain new customers and increase loyalty.

Pricing is another important aspect within the energy market. Political and economic circumstances can have a profound impact on your pricing strategy. Our software enables you to look at your media investment and pricing strategies in a holistic way and offers recommendations to help you plan the best course of action.

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Knowing the results of your last media campaign is interesting and can help you gain more insight into different customer journeys. Real time, actionable insights are even more valuable. These insights tell you how much you need to invest in your different media channels to accomplish your conversion targets.


Our pricing dashboard gives you the opportunity to constantly monitor your pricing position against competitors. This enables you to move quickly when prices change and adjust your media strategy directly. Our solution also helps you understand the effect of your pricing strategy when compared to competitors. For instance, we’ve learned that being the cheapest does not always translate into more sales. 


The Key to a Successful Media Mix Model

Media mix modelling allows you to measure the effect of our offline television and radio campaigns. This blog will discuss when to use the media mix model, how to set up a good media mix model and how to combine the results with those of the MTA model.
objective partners branding

Rethinking branding metrics: how to turn brand consideration into a performance metric

What if branding could become a performance channel? We measured the effect of brand consideration campaigns and gathered new insights by developing innovative metrics. This allowed us to model long-term brand consideration and media spend to incorporate branding in media budget allocation calculations.

Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA): Why, What, How?

Multi-Touch attribution (MTA) is a topic widely discussed in the field of e-commerce and marketing, yet the number of companies actually carrying out conversion attribution using MTA remains low. This blog will discuss why conversion attribution via the MTA model is important, what a good MTA algorithm looks like and how it can be applied.
data quality

How to improve your data quality in four easy steps

Data quality is a factor of extreme importance. Nowadays, most big companies collect data with the intent of making data-driven decisions to create value. Facilitated by improving technology, analyzing data can provide companies with valuable insights that enable better decisions and lead to a competitive advantage.

Reference case: Nuon - Multi-Touch Attribution

Nuon approached Objective Partners because they wanted more control over their media investments. They were looking for a partner that could solve the question of conversion attribution and could provide automated budget allocation advice for all touchpoints and channels - both online and offline.