Objective Partners teams up with Nederlands Dans Theater


Objective Partners (O/P) started a collaboration with Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT). NDT is one of the world’s leading (modern) dance groups and is also one of the most productive dance companies. Using our expertise in data analytics, math, predictive modeling and online marketing we are able to offer NDT (actionable) insights into their ticket sales, online traffic and visitors.


André Merkus, Managing Director Objective Partners:

“We teamed up with NDT as part of our social responsibility program. NDT is such a great institute, we want to support NDT to invest their marketing budget efficiently to make even more people aware. I am very proud to have such a collaboration with these top performers.”

Mathieu Dekker, Manager online marketing, e-commerce & CRM NDT:

“We have a really productive partnership with Objective Partners. They give us more insight in our online traffic and ticket sales and their personal approach ensured that we are able to take next steps and further optimize our marketing program. ”

Our analyst Lucas Zuurveld about creating insight in NDT’s online traffic:

“First, we analyzed the traffic on the NDT website and offered insights into the audience NDT was reaching by mapping the characteristics of different visitors. These characteristics include nationality, place of residence, and other personal features such as age.

We also analyzed the behavior of these online visitors and the effectiveness of the different media channels on the number of conversions. This resulted in an overview which showed the effectiveness of the media channels, for different customer profiles.”

Samantha van der Drift about the analysis of ticket and order data:

“NDT created several customer profiles to distinguish between frequent visitors and first-time guests. We created a yearly overview of the ticket orders, allowing us to identify the highs and lows in sales.

In addition, the sales program for each event was determined. This program shows the tickets sales in the period before the event and indicates the speed at which tickets are being sold. Together with NDT, we explored unusual sales patterns and defined the customer profiles most present during these periods.

Lastly, the return pattern of visitors who came to see multiple performances was examined. This yielded interesting information on the amount of time between visits, which could be used to determine a marketing media plan.”

What’s next?

NDT gained more insight into the characteristics of their online and offline visitors, as well ticket sales. Due to the success of this collaboration between NDT and O/P, we look forward to continuing the partnership and to possibly extend it to multiple organizations.


Samantha van der Drift

Samantha van der Drift

Objective Partner