Webinar: Data-Driven Media Optimization

What is data-driven media optimization, do you need attribution models to optimize your investments and how often can you optimize?

Unified Attribution Modelling

Attribution modelling gives an overview of the effectiveness of media spend across all channels. Whether you use MTA, MMM or unified depends on your data.

Balancing branding and performance campaigns

Combining branding and performance allows for a holistic view of media effectiveness as well as the synchronization of short- and long-term results

TV and Radio Attribution: Improving GRP Allocation

Using our GRP advice, Belvilla (@Leisure) achieved a 7.5% increase in campaign revenue and an ROI increase of 8.3% compared to the same campaign last year

5 reasons to start using an Attribution Platform

Improve your media ROI with attribution models. Here are 5 reasons to start using an attribution platform.

Webinar: Rethinking Branding

Watch our webinar to learn more about how to leverage the interaction effect between branding and performance campaigns and optimize your marketing budget.

A Simple Introduction to Multi-Touch Attribution

Learn why should you really, really stop relying on last click attribution. Multi-touch attribution: what is it and how is it measured?

Webinar: Setting up a Winning Media Strategy

During this webinar you’ll learn why it’s so important to consider the other factors of influence when evaluating the success of your media strategy.

The Objective Network

The Objective Network is a strategic, joint agile approach with partners who share our goal of delivering transparency to the media domain.

Fact-Based Marketing


Fact-based marketing masterclass: the laws of consumer behavior, the elements of effective campaigns and practical lessons to apply what you’ve learned.