For automotive companies, the customer journey takes place both on and offline. Buyers are using search engines to look up car specifications. In some cases, they expect to customize cars and place a pre-order, but the deal is usually sealed at a brick and mortar store.

Making the link between offline conversions and an online customer journey is tough, especially if your company has multiple dealerships and offices. A request for a test ride is an example of a soft conversion. Selling a car is a real conversion. Our software enables you to analyze soft conversions to reconstruct the customer journey, making it easier to manage your media investments on a strategic level.

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Our conversion dimension module analyzes soft conversions and helps you steer them towards your KPIs. The type of soft conversion differs depending on your campaign. For example, you can choose to boost the number of test drives or brochure downloads.


To help you track offline media, Objective Partners developed a module and a smart dashboard that helps you visualize the effect of offline media campaigns and get actionable insights with prediction figures for the upcoming week or month. Our modeling technique is based on the Benchmark model, which includes offline media such as TV, radio, out-of-home adverting and more. Our software also accounts for external factors and your specific business characteristics. Using historical data and specific KPIs, you’ll be able to determine how to spend your budget in different media channels – from time slots to specific TV and radio networks.


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