About us

Objective Partners

The mission of Objective Partners (O/P) is to bring transparency and mathematical optimization to the world of marketing and media. Our philosophy is to use a combination of standardized software (smart dashboards) and analytical consulting services.

The core competencies of O/P are focused on creating smart business insights and actions based on the combination of business knowledge (business questions), IT, data and mathematical modeling. Our employees are generally university educated and selected based on those core competencies.

Applying mathematical models in real life is tough. For us (and you) no black box, but a step-by-step approach with focus on understandability and progress. In this way, we really put our payoff ‘Next Level Analytics’ into practice.

O/P’s core values include: personal, committed, knowledge based and flexible.


O/P started in 2014 as a spin-off from ORTEC. In the years before becoming an independent company, the O/P activities were part of ORTEC. To be able to have full focus on the marketing analytics activities (both online and offline), a separate company with serious ambitions was created. Since then, O/P has grown strongly and is the number one supplier for independent ‘marketing budget optimization’ software and consulting services in The Netherlands.


From our headquarters in The Netherlands (Amsterdam) we are able to service clients within Europe. From the start, O/P is aiming for an international atmosphere, including employees. O/P is delivering services and solutions that require a very high level of knowledge. Currently, we think it is important to centralize the knowledge in Amsterdam and share it with our customers.

Furthermore, O/P has a strong network of partners. Each collaboration having its own characteristics. This makes us flexible in taking up a wide range of challenges.


Join us and model your own future within Objective Partners. When applying, we look at you as an individual to see what you can contribute to the growth of O/P and its customers, and how you can develop. Below you can find examples of current vacancies. Nonetheless, if you feel you can really contribute to O/P, please contact us via recruitment@objectivepartners.com.